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Sticky note but paperless

The eMinder collects all your tasks in one place
to help you minimize distractions and be
more productive.

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130% funded on
Join the waiting list and get an eMinder before anyone else!


Write down notes and to-do's 

Organize your notes and to-do's in the post-think app. 

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Bring your smartphone close to the eMinder

Upload your notes, to-do‘s and favorite images to your eMinder. Simply bring your smartphone close for a few seconds and you‘re done.


Get productive !

Start working while having your most important tasks visible at a glance. The eMinder let‘s you be more productive by eliminating digital distractions and organizing your workspace.

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  • no batteries

  • no charging cables

  • NFC

  • south tyrolean pine wood unibody design

  • aluminum backplate

  • 100% productivity

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